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Working condition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Working condition - notifyvas ExampleThe OSHA has recorded that these issues generally lead to an affect on the soft tissues and the nerves. The seriousness of these issues is very towering and a person could also be crippled by this disorder. Thus it could affect the persons personal as nearly as their professional life to a great point.Based on these issues and the g everyplacenment bring forth recommended a number of newer rules and regulations for the employee safety and to ensure complete protection for the workers in the meat and poultry industry. This is a very useful decision made by the government and it is tall time that serious locomote be taken for these employees as the only ones who are affected by the job are the employees themselves. With the high speed of the production lines and the under reporting of the injuries in this industry, the effort of the employees has been over looked and to a great extent the employees loose out on their compensations and the a nti retaliation laws (FSIS, 2009). With the new laws set down by the government, the employees ordain be provided with a mode of ensuring their safety and also their health concerns will not be over looked. It is essential to realize the problems that the employees working in these firms go through on a daily soil and the amount of risk they have to undertake in relation to their health. As mentioned earlier, the employees working in these firms can end up becoming crippled both in terms of work as well as personal lives. Also since the disorders are cumulative, the employees tend to face more issues, if the tasks remain the same. This is because the particular physical structure part of the employee is subjected to pressure and to strain which can cause irreversible damage. These damages can be destroy and to a great extent they can be completely irreversible (FSIS, 2009).As the government is this instant taking serious steps

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Industry Analysis and Financial services of Pan America Research Paper

Industry abstract and Financial services of Pan America - Research Paper ExampleAccording to 2006 statistics in the industry, much than 133 billion litres are sold per year which raised the world-wide revenue to 294.5 billion. Analysis of the industry In analysing the industry, it is critical to understand Panama, what opportunity it offers and the products that are produced in the country. Panama is a country that shows a expectant novelty in terms of people who live there. Most of the residents get into from different countries. A hooking of people in Panama prefer beer compared to other beverages. In the year 2011, its production was reported to view grown by 5.1%. The market in panama is worth more than $390 in a year. another(prenominal) brand that seems to grow and is on the list is wine (Holmes 45). The prices of beer and wine in Panama which are the usual drinks are $35 for each beer and $40 for each wine. When you compare these prices with Gasolina, they prove to be high because Gasolina ordinarily ranges from $7-10. The high prices in panama come collectable to high costs of living payable to its diversity and that it attracts a lot of people. This means that the confederation testament have to increase its selling price in panama in order for it to beat the competition. Gasoline has an opportunity to grow in Panama because it is a new product that is queer in its own way. It is unique in that it has six flavours. It is made with unique spirits which include Caribbean white rum, filtered and distilled vodka, 100% tequila and 100% natural fruit juices. It is easier for outdoor consumption due to its portability. This is because it is packed in 20ml aluminium pouches that even have a straw inside. Its growth is possible due to the diverse cultures in Panama and the uniqueness of the product. With such a product the people of Panama will not find it difficult to pay for the drink at whichever cost. Looking at the industry in general, the m arket is dominated by few key players which lead to intense competition (Giesbrecht 55). There exists direct uncertainty due to changing consumer tastes. Margins and pricing are often under pressure. It has three leading industries that mark for almost 40% of the overall market share. The leading company is Anheuser-Busch. It holds over 20% of the total muckle of the market. This company has 14 brands and each generates over 1 billion USD in a year. The company produces global and regional brands, one of them being Corona. It employs about 11,600 people in 30 countries. The company gross sales majorly come from North America. Another key competitor in the market is SABMiller. In the market ranking, it is among the top flipper companies in the industry. Its portfolio contains more than 150 brands. Among its brands are international beers such as Pilsner, Urquell and also local brands comparable Castle Milk Stout. It operates in 75 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North Americ a and also South America. Its sales are around 21 billion litres of lager in a year. Coors is another competitor in the industry which is ranked in the seventh position globally. It operates Colorado brewery that that is the largest brewing facility that operates singly. It was the first company to use the aluminium can and it operates the largest plant that produces aluminium cans. Among its products is Coors Light. The industry is a global business that contains some(prenominal) businesses that are multinationals and thousands of small producers. The

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Essay on Police and the Community Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On Police and the Community - Essay ExampleA lesser barricade could be peoples self-esteem and self-perception (Morris, 2008). This is because they do not view themselves as activists or leaders. This perceptual concern is a bulwark for over 36% of the adults in America. Not being an activist or leader is a rampart for 42% of adults who argon not twisting but wish to be. Disengaged participants in several focus groups bequeath tongue to that they wish for a fearless director with organizational skills, knowledge, plans, enthusiasm, a selfless attitude, and honesty. This group also puts more(prenominal) weight in disliking politics than adults on not knowing anyone else taking part in the activity. In order to overcome these obstacles, authorities that are involved in public participations should ensure that those who are involved in the activity are protected. Authorities need to educate people on these barriers and assure them that they allow for be safe after they take part in the activity (Thurlow, 2008). Question 2 constitution makers have a tough task of carrying out what is best for their constituents plus their countries. This makes them the voice of the citizens. It is extremely lively that a jurisprudence chief should be a policy maker for his constituent or plain due to several reasons. These reasons are constabulary chiefs have interests of constituents and interests in the country. They also defend the constitution. Since policy makers are choose by the public, this will also give a chance to police chiefs to be elected by the public. Each policy maker has an responsibility of defending the constitution. Police chiefs are also get to defend the American constitution, and this makes the liable policy makers (Chief of Police, 2007). A policy maker is a person who is accountable for making the policies of an organization. This includes the government or any other institution that requires regulations. A statesman refers to a diplomatis t or politician who has had a long, as rise as respected duty at the issue or international level. It has been said that police chiefs should be politicians. This is not a brilliant idea. Politicians have an obligation of representing and responding to the constituents, voting on legislation, participating in budget discussions and taking part in committees. Even though, police chiefs need to realize these factors, their central duty is to implement the law. This is a vital duty. They need to be detached from political matters so that they could execute their tasks to the fullest. If police chiefs are allowed to be statesmen, then this would interfere with the neutrality of the police force from politics. It will interrupt with the activities of the police force (Samuels, 2000). Question 3 Similarities Community oriented policing as a philosophy that encourages organizational strategies, which hold up the organized use of riddle-solving techniques and partnerships, to tackle the immediate factors that give rise to public security issues. The security issues are social disorders, crime as well as fear of crime. Community oriented policing also comprises of three key components in America as well as other nations. These components are community partnership, organizational transformation as well as problem solving. Most countries, including the United States, think that

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Marketing Strategies 4050 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Strategies 4050 - Research Paper ExampleOur coffee berry Caf would be focusing on customers who are environmentally conscious of their actions. While coffee is enjoyed by people of all ages, it is important to capture a primary keister market so that we are able to develop a market strategy targeted towards this specific market. Our primary target market includesStudents Students form a big part of the target market for Java Caf. The Auraria Campus located in downtown Denver accommodates more than 40,000 students and thus could be a good potential market for our Java Caf. Students have a hectic daily routine from pressures of unravel as well as having to survive on limited budget. Most students cannot afford coffee machines for themselves and blaspheme on coffee shops for their daily cups of coffee. However, since they are on a limited budget, they cannot afford to buy from Starbuck or Mc Caf, and thus they look for cheaper options that do not compromise on the qual ity of services. As our Java Caf offers Wi-Fi, it would be a further attraction for the students since this generation is addicted to the internet and travels with its personal gadgets such as cell phones, laptops etc. For them, technology is not a thing to be considered. It is a way of aliveness1. Furthermore, students usually have a common hangout place where they can meet up with their friends and peers. In this case, word-of-mouth promotion can help improve sales for Java Caf.Young Professionals Young Professionals are another target market for Java Caf. Young Professionals in Denver make up 64 percent of the total population and Denver has the highest number of college graduates. Professionals from surrounding counties also visit lower downtown during their pre-working, lunch time and after working hours. These college graduates and young professionals are also busy people toilsome to make a position in the corporate world. They usually visit the coffee

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Course Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Course Project - Research Paper ExampleWalmart is regarded as Americas largest foodstuff store. It is claimed by the family that more than 245 million customers visit the 10800 Walmart stores in more than 27 countries across the gentlemans gentlemanity (Walmart, 2013c). The company offers electronic commerce website in more than 10 countries and employs more than 2.2 million staff worldwide. The company generated revenue of $466 billion in the fiscal year 2013. In the year 1945 the concept of goods being offered at smallers prices was evolved by surface-to-air missile Walton. He opened the first Walmart store in the then year 1962 in Arkansas which was a result of his visionary leadership (Walmart, 2013b). The company has categorized into 3 major divisions Walmart stores, Sams club and Walmart International. The author has been asked to serve for the post of the finance manager in the reputed company. Although the company is maven of the most profitable companies of USA it is st ill facing certain dilemmas in allocation of budget and expenses. 1.2 worry Statement Although, Walmart is regarded as one of the most reputed and largest retailer of the world it has sparked controversy regarding its management practice. Some of the humanity resource issues that has made the company a target for criticism argon gender discrimination, wage inequality, graft etc. It is observed that Walmart are facing various challenges due to lack of implementation of an effective human resource system. The wage inequality system is often a result of lack of well defined wage and salary system in Walmart. More than 2000 women employee of Walmart in 48 states have claimed that the management of Walmart dear gender discrimination (Hines, 2012). In the year 2011 the women employee had filed suit against the company management for denial of promotion and low pay (Levine, 2012). The women employees had even claimed that the men who held less seniority position than the women employee were promoted first. The US Supreme Court had state that the wage system was not systematic and smooth in Walmart. This is because the regional polices for wage judiciary are different in the stores of Walmart. Walmart had agreed to their varied wage incentive plans in different regions and had to pay earnings damages worth $111.7 million to women employees of London(Hines, 2012). 1.3 Research Questions Based on the problem statement and objectives of the study the quest questions were formulated. Each of these research questions will be addressed accordingly. 1. How base an effective salary and wage administration improve the efficiency of the employees? 2. How can an incentive plan improve the morale of the employees? 3. What contemporary human resources theories can help in promoting a congenial work environment? 1.4 Literature Review Wage & pay Inequality in Walmart Wages and Salaries are linked to the productivity of the organization and have a hold influence on the effi ciency of the employee. Walmart has been accused of wage and salary inequality practices several times in spite of being one of the most profitable companies of the world. It has been observed that the Walmart management pays $8.00 on an hourly posterior with 32 works per week which equals to $256 per week (Santa Clara University, 2004). This calculation shows that

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Article Summary and Reaction Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Article Summary and Reaction Paper - Essay ExampleThere were attempts to make the customers satisfactory with the services that the company will offer. The hearing of the case occurred on November 30, 2011 after the company had filed the protection vindication through its lawyers and other legal advisors. The airline had fought to escape the filing for bankruptcy and hoped that the court would help it to be cured _or_ healed its status in the industry.The oblige expounds on the term bankruptcy. It also introduces Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (Administrative status of the U.S. Courts, 2015). The chapter provides for reorganization under bankruptcy situation, mainly involving partnership or cooperation. The chapter helps in the reorganization of businesses that have seriously high burden of debts. Under the chapter, the debtor proposes a plan to that would ensure profitability after bankruptcy. The article outlines the best case in which Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code . The article outlines the applicability of the code in circumstances organizations restructure and present a plan for profitability.Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. (2015). Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code. Retrieved April 13, 2015 from

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The Impact of Direct Digital Manufacturing on Supply Chains Essay

The Impact of Direct digital Manufacturing on Supply Chains - Essay ExampleEyebrows are getting raised over the effectiveness of DDM in cutting the imply for logistics services, as products would be manufactured at the place of demand or use. Effect of DDM would be felt in all industry sectors for meeting urgent product needs, providing customized products and separate of products, which were earlier supplied in bulk through the logistics industry. The crucial question before the logistics notees worldwide is whether DDM would affect the blood of logistics industry for transporting goods from one location to another. Naturally future repercussions of the innovation in technology fecal matternot be denied. When customized separate could be accessed from the local DDM in a cost-effective and faster way, who would like to order it through a logistics process? Possibility of getting parts supplied locally becomes more evident for implementing changes in the designs of products. Actu ally, the risk to logistics fear is genuine because no company would like to pay airfreight for getting a part from abroad when it can be produced locally but the business of DDM depends on innovation in concepts yet genius is not enough. If an idea is good enough, it will take magazine in proto-typing. 3D printing also requires time to process a concept into a product. It would start a war-like environment for safeguarding happy property. Imitators and innovators, both would show attempts to present their products fast to the market (3D Printing par. 27). For getting competitive edge from the given scenario, scarcely those companies would get the leverage that would plan a long-term marketing strategy without considering the profit factor. Delivery of products would demand accuracy of timing in taking the products to the customer locations (3D Printing par. 30). A look at the business growth of DDM can help in evaluating the potential of new technology sweeping the post of su pply chains. Seeing the latest market trends on manufacturing solid products by 3Dprinters, business in analogue manufacturing reached $1.2 billion in 2008 and the possibility is that it could double in size by 2015. For understanding the impact of DDM business on logistics, some crucial data analysis is mandatory such as 75% of the sale of 3D printers has been registered for producing common sort of products while the balanced sale of the 3D printers has been made for producing industrial products. With the approach shot time, there would be increase in the sale of cheap 3D printers, which can be to the seam of 90% market as price depreciates and functionality improves of 3D printers. Demand of the DDM machine is increasing not alone for model-making and rapid prototyping, but for all types of machines for producing finished products as well (A factory on your desk par. 4). The only difference between the industrial revolution of the 1800s and the seeming-revolution of the futu re is that the manufacturing industry wont be able to get the benefit of economies of scale that comes with bulk production. Another difference would be seen in the distribution of capital, employment, and intellectual property, thus, indirectly affecting the logistics business as any impact on various industries would get reflected in logistics, affecting its business potential (Print me a Stradavarius par. 9). Have a look at the conquest story of a U.S. company. Seeing the current status of rapid manufacturing (RM) in the business of making ultraviolet dental braces, U.S. based Invisalign

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Critical questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

lively questions - Research Paper ExampleFirstly, the development of the oil drilling plant in the water leads to congestion in the marine life, in turn, fashioning them migrate to spacious areas. Oil spillage to the water ca employ by the drilling can lead to the release of toxins. Subsequently, when marine life encounters the toxins, they get genetic disorders and even death. The machines used to drill the oil are operated by humans and use discharge to do a plentifulness of things. These machines usually need cooling occasionally, and the cooling usually takes place in the water. This leads to the transmission of the heat and ends up heating the surrounding water thus cause temperature imbalance1. In turn, this imbalance causes the marine organisms that live the environs to migrate to favorable environments. Concurrently, the heat may also lead to the death of the marine life roughly due to exposure to extreme temperatures. Lastly, offshore drilling leads to pollution in th e water by damping wastes such(prenominal) as mud and other rock particles onto the surface of the water.The quest for making the mode of transport more(prenominal) efficient has been there over an exceedingly long period in history. We have evolved from animal transport, to carriage carts and now to cars and more sophisticated modes of transport. Nevertheless, this evolution has come with a cost. Cars have made our day-to-day lives easier making the movement from one place to another fast. The use of cars has led to the environmental degradation through the continual emission of exhaust fumes and gasses to the air. These fumes and gasses, when inhaled by human beings and animals, can cause respiratory problems. For example in human beings, apart from the respiratory problems, these fumes with toxins can cause serious diseases like lung cancer. The infiltrations of the harmful fumes have also led to global warming because of allowing the penetration of harmful rays to the ecosys tem. This is because of global warming. The extraction of fuel from the earth has also

Evidence of achievement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Evidence of achievement - try out Exampleb. An understanding of work preferences is integral to developing a bond of understanding between the student, the teach and the demands of the nursing profession itself. In addition to the outgrowth of trusting working relationships among professionals, the mentorship development program provides a safety net to blunt the consequences of learners errors. This supervision allows me to learn from my mistakes safely, while at the same time advancing to greater positions of responsibility to achieve integration. c. During internship, the practicalities of classroom fundamentals come into play as a physical authenticity. While it has huge been said that hands-on training is the only means to achieve true comprehension of a serviceable task having the intellectual background provides a stronger basis for jumping in to refreshed encyclopedism environments. It gives my supervisor-mentor an easier point of reference to bug out the induction to new departments, and new learning environments as needed. ... If the student has already completed a spate of a structured training program, and as the student progresses, the mentor will gain an appreciation for learning style, and be able to tailor instruction accordingly. b. Learning strategies are integral to academic success scarcely largely come from within the self, from the students self-determination to advance themselves towards the purpose of becoming a true nursing professional. Having the added experience of having once been a beginner at the task at hand, the professional mentor has the king to advise, and assist in the deployment of these strategies in a way that meshes most effectively with the particular demands of the position. c. A beloved mentor will be experienced with the inner workings of the learning process as it pertains to the nursing position at hand, and will be able to reflect on their own needs, questions, and uncertainties when the mentor was n ew at the position. This lets an effective supervisor-mentor to devise impromptu tests, questions, and brief quizzes, with no fore-knowledge of what was challenging for them personally. A strategy personally useful in learning is when the mentor/instructor gives a lesson, or hands-on demonstration followed by an immediate quiz. c. 3.) a. Professional growth is intertwined with personal growth within a modern nursing environment, as the student grows into a more complete person on an individual level, who becomes therefore also a competent nursing professional. Mentorship/supervision is essential in that it allows a safer means for the student to perform real medical procedures and care to gain an appreciation for the

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Homework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 27

Homework - Essay ExampleAlthough the advancement of technology is so rapid that some programs or hardwares become easily outdated, there are still some activities that preemptnot be done using the Internet. In the future, I hope that there will be available programs where we can watch the stars or the galaxy through the telescopes used by astronomers in different parts of the orbit. It is care telescopes linked to each other through a computer and people all over the world can see through them through the internet real time.Location based services LBS is the talent to identify the location of a particular individual or mobile device and connect with a different device or case-by-case (Burgess, 2010). Currently, almost everyone uses LBS when they use different social media sites like blogs or when they check-in their locations using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.LBS is also used to be able to navigate in areas that an individual may not be familiar with, and reduces the amount of time spent trying to locate establishments. authoritative time updates through Global Positioning System GPS also gives real time updates of traffic and accidents on the road so it will be really helpful so commuters can plan ahead and the time needed to travel will be more readily estimated. Even location of road constructions are provided, so a commuter can easily avoid these areas without having to run into traffic.To a certain extent, LBS is a good tool, because for certain applications it makes transportation more efficient and helps individuals plan properly, and this saves a lot of time, in a broader perspective. However, if the technology gets infiltrated by people with bad intentions, or terrorists, for that matter, LBS will no longer be beneficial at all. This may lead to threats, even security and safety issues because locations and activities of individuals may be monitored and mapped without the person being fully aware of it.

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Housing Finance and Economics Evaluating New Labours Housing Policy Coursework

Housing pay and Economics Evaluating New Labours Housing Policy - Coursework Example(Williams, 1999) When an e asseverate is non under maintenance and alike in a dilapidated condition, the council is more inclined to allocate them to pack be kindlyly inadequate or inefficient. Here social residualisation also becomes economicalally unproductive since the resources in the region are not optimally utilized and the rest of the residents feel entrapped and isolated which keeps them away from participating in the economy. This leads to immediate whatchamacallum but short sightedness. For instance, people who claimed ownership houses keeping in view the Right to Buy are deceived and their period of wait goes to vain. At this juncture a social dilemma arises with relation to the exclusion of people through the lodgement framework or from the same. This is due to residualisation and spatial concentration of the system. The constitution brings forth the economic evaluation of the ho using policies of New Deal aft(prenominal) 1997 considering alongside the economic factors influencing the housing system after the compaction administration came to power since 2010. Achievements of the New Labours Housing Policy When the New bray came to power, things were against the favor of social housing system. This was especially due to the Thatchers Right to Buy system which change magnitude the number of accommodations available for social housing. In this context, Cooper observes, In the last year of the Conservative organisation which lost to Mr Blair, Great Britain suffered a net loss of 16,257 homesThe number of homes built by councils and housing associations plunged from its charge of 110,000 in 1980, the second year of the outgoing Conservative governments 18-year tenure, to just 34,860 in 1996, its final... The paper brings forth the economic evaluation of the housing policies of New Deal after 1997 and considers alongside the economic factors influencing the housing system after the coalition administration came to power since 2010. The main purpose of providing social housing is to entrust houses which are within the range of affordability for the individuals with minuscule income levels. This segment is monitored such that rents are kept at low levels. This sector is different from that of private landlords where the choice of the later dominates. Here, houses are allocated according to needs and the social landlords state in advance the criterion on the basis of which the allocation is done on a sane ground. They might have a policy of alteration at any time as per the ending of the landlord.The New Labor administration brought about the issue of housing within the jurisdiction of social inclusion, as the government announces its goal of providing each citizen the opportunity of a decent home and so promote social cohesion, well-being and self-dependenceThe Welfare Reform Bill will help in shoving the individuals from benefits t owards jobs.In fact the modern coalition governments scheme supports the people with economic and social priorities instead of medical reasons or problems of homelessness. The programs undertaken by the government was led by financial and economic motives rather than social cause though the actual tenants are promised more fairness and satisfaction.

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Criminal Justice-Crime Victims (Victimology) Research Paper

Criminal Justice-Crime Victims (Victimology) - Research Paper ExampleThese atomic number 18 just a hardly a(prenominal) examples of how dupes of offense are redupeized by society and by the court justice system. Discussion According to Von Hentig and Mendelsohn, crime dupes put themselves into the position of being victimized (Siegel & Senna, 2009, p. 15). Mendelsohn believed that victims had an unconscious desire to be victimized, and he had typology of victims, putting them into sixsome different categories. Only one of the categories, that of the innocent victim was blameless in the actual crime, and the innocent is a victim who is seen as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other cinque typologies all contributed in some way to the crime, and this represented victim precipitation. The other categories were a victim with fry guilt, an example of which is the provocative woman the victim who is as guilty as the offender, eg. those guilty of euthanasia the victim w ho is more guilty then the offender, eg. those who induce crime the most guilty victim, eg. a person who is attempting run into who is killed in self-defense and the simulating victim, those who claim to be victimized, but actually were not (Mendelsohn, 1963). Von Hentig, similarly, viewed victims as being democratic in the crimes, stating that they may either be depressive, which elbow room that they are careless and unsuspecting, therefore are an cushy mark greedy, who is looking for an easy gain, so they are less suspicious (a good example would be individuals who fall for Internet scams offering quick, easy money) wanton, which means that the victim is vulnerable to attack because of his or he life cycle, such as juveniles or the elderly and the tormentor, which means that the person abuses another and thus becomes the victim of an attack, such as with battered women (Von Hentig, 1948). Cohen & Felson also have a view called the routine activity theory, which means that ther e are certain activities which lend themselves to crimes being committed, and that there are three variables which makes the criminal and the victim both participants in the crime the availability of suitable targets, the absence of capable guardians and the presence of motivated offenders. This makes the likeliness that a predatory crime will occur, and the routin activities approach gives equal weight to the role of both the victim and the offender. Criminal prospect is significantly influenced by the victims lifestyle and behavior the greater the opportunity for criminals and victims to interact, the greater the probability of crime. Reduce the interaction and the opportunity for crime will decline (Siegel & Senna, 2009, p. 83). There are a host of victims who are considered by experts in the field to be predisposed to being victims, and this is cognize as victim precipitation (Dunn, 2010, p. 85). This is one of the areas that victimologists, such as Von Hentig and Mendelsonh , was interested in, for they were looking for the characteristics and the types of crimes which would have a victim who is precipitated towards crime. The categories in which victims are seen as precipitated their own victomology are rape, battered women and incest survivors. With rape victims, Menachem Amir apply data obtained from the Philadelphia police files that showed that victims behavior was seen as an invitation to have sex, and that this was an excuse for rape. Amir

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Hamburger Hill The Things They Carried Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hamburger Hill The Things They Carried - strive ExampleIrvins call for showed that one of the first things that the soldiers constructiond when arriving in country was a scanty reminder of the serous risk to their lives, as they were asked to sign insurance papers and various other judicial forms in case they did not survive. This legal reminder of the danger that faced them was backed up by a serious of training talks given them while in camp, including sessions showing them how serious, stealthy, and committed their enemies were, and fifty-fifty how such normal personal concerns such as hygiene and communication could lead to injury or death. At every level, the newfound recruits were told to follow orders and to respect their fellow soldiers, and they were told that the only way they would come turn out alive is if they stuck together. This was perhaps the major theme of Irvins film and it played a strong factor in OBriens essay, in the story of the dead soldier Lavender, who died because he wandered off. This process of wee acclimation also included instruction on the use of weapons and the necessity of negotiating the many different factors that they would face during the war, from physical wounds to sexually transmitted diseases to psychological wounds from opinions of the people back home when they returned. OBrien describes the variety of be after and makeshift provisions that the soldiers carried with them into battle, including bug spray, odd superstitious charms, and varieties of weapons. Each man carried their deliver materials, merely OBriens essay suggests and Irvins film represents that they also carried their humanity, their hopes and fears. Only in the battle did they also fancy to love each and appreciate each other and stick together. Irvins film spends a vast deal of time in the early moments showing the soldiers horsing around and fighting, listening to music and playing cards, in order to stress the need for camaraderie amon g the soldiers. One of the keys to this camaraderie was following their leader without question. While the new recruits learned to take this lesson in stride during the early training, they didnt quite believe it. When they are dropped in the combat zone at minute 4120, one new recruit tries to calm the jitteriness of other by saying these guys know what theyre doing in regard to their officers. The nervous recruit replied with a sarcastic Oh yeah, definitely. By the end of the film, all such sarcasm had disappeared. They had seen the necessity of trusting one another and pulling together in the heat of fire. They had learned that their leaders and the bravery of their fellow soldiers was perhaps the more or less important thing ensuring their survival. OBriens essay echoes this sentiment, as he relays the feelings of the fictional leader of the platoon he describes. He shows how Lt. Cross takes personally the loss of soldier under his command because he lost snap for a moment. He claims that Cross felt the pain... blamed himself (p. 6). He had become distracted by his own humanity and his own personal needs for a moment and the soldier had wandered off, not to fight but to urinate. He was killed. Both works stress the way soldiers kept each other honest and diligent, flavor out for each other even as they argued among each other. One of the major themes that Irvin emphasizes throughout his film is the difficulties of navigating race

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American culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

American culture - Essay Examplen and continue to be acquired and get integrated as separate of our own culture mostly this is through mass media in music and movies, as well as social network. These include positive philosophies like the believe in their rights, patriotism as well as the negative aspects such as popular drug and substance abuse and certain hedonistic elements specially pertaining to youths and sex. In this paper, I will discuss aspects of American culture that I would like to have acquired in my country as well as those I hope will never fetch vocalism of my countries culture.Respect for the rights of others is the embodiment of American way of life, through the mass media, we hear about Americans having the right to verbalize themselves as long as they do not interfere with others freedom, live anywhere, marry anyone they want their cozy orientation, and often make designs about abortion. World over, Americans atomic number 18 known for agitating for their ri ghts, and I believe that having citizens awargon(predicate) and understanding their rights is something from which my country can benefit. The nationalism of the American people is another admirable attribute of the American culture they are very patriotic, and this is evident in their music and from the mass media especially through policy-making campaigns. The success of songs like Springsteens born in the USA and Kanyes American Boy are a tribute to the high levels of patriotism in the USA (Hilker). The political campaigns are the embodiment of nationalism and the leaders often deal with people centered issues such as health and economic growth.Nonetheless, I consider some negative aspects of American culture undesirable, and I would hope they do not become a part of my countries culture. One of this is the casual way in which the youth seem to treat the defeat of drugs, especially Marijuana in many American movies such as American, pie and the more recently, Harold and Kumar . Some of the characters are seen smoking weed as a

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Personal development Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Development - Personal Statement exercisingWith a good GPA scored during the Bachelors course and work experience gained as the marketing advisor, I managed to enroll myself at University of New B meetswick. My tenure at this University has been one of tremendous learning, and this has contributed towards personal ontogeny along with high prospects in the professional career. I came to the university with an open mind with no assumptions and no expectations. I would first like to present what I learned through the academic courses and then move on to the other teachings that an MBA course offers. The environment itself has much to teach, and learning during the MBA stretches far beyond the academic faculty. However, one has to be open to learning, observing, perceiving and absorbing. Benefits through academic learning The academic course was divided into three modules and the first module comprised of accounting, marketing, statistics and research, and effective communication. I dreaded accounting as I had not fared well during the pre-MBA phase. However, to overcome the consternation and to understand the accounting concept, I took up the two-week quant camp which definitely did a lot to educate provoke in accounting. After that there was no looking back, and I pursued the subject seriously, making convinced(predicate) I solved problems after each class. This one of my biggest achievements in this course I understood and overcame the business of accounting. I am glad I did so beca substance abuse the basics of accounting are inbred to run your own business. Marketing had been my domain and interest before I started this course. This course was very interesting and at the same time it helped me develop professional skills on how to actually market products or services. The course stretched into marketing for profit- and non-profit organizations. What I specifically enjoyed was the analytics that provide insight into marketing efforts and help the m arketers further amend their strategy. Statistics and research, while inwrought for business, was a little difficult for me. I guess it is enough to understand its value and the basics, so that we bum extract information when necessary. Not everyone can be an expert in every field, so I decided not to spend too much energy in a subject which I would not be keen to pursue later as a career. However, I did learn to use excel, which is very important in analytics. Analytics help in marketing decisions and statistics help to decide on the localize audience. As a marketer, communication has always been my strength but this course taught me the finer techniques in communication. wrinkle communication becomes essential for every professional, both in oral and written format. Communication is also essential in dealing with colleagues and subordinates. Thus, even though many may consider this as a inwrought or innate talent, I feel the course does provide a guideline on communication at different levels. The second module was even more interesting as it taught us how to bind the theories and technical knowledge in business. Management skills development is an essential trait because one needs to develop the competencies to manage and lead an organization. This course also taught us the difference between a manager and a leader. I never knew the difference between the two, before the course. The different leadership traits and qualifications essential in different circumstances was an interesting learning. Another major learning for me

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Missed Opportunities Essay Example for Free

bewildered Opportunities EssayLocated between East Asia, S appearheast Asia and the vast Pacific Ocean lies an archipelago of 7,107 islands collectively c entirelyed as the Philippines. Due to its strategic location as the Pacifics Gateway to Asia, as well as its abundant natural resources, the Philippines had become mavin of the most prized possessions of the superpowers. This archipelagic nation had been subjected to colonization under Spain, Japan, and the fall in States. In July 4, 1946, independence was finally granted to the Philippines by the United States.Just like galore(postnominal) newly-independent states, it was seriously for the country to undergo the process of decolonization. But despite the rough road for development and self-government, the Philippines had the best promises of frugal prosperity back then. Its economic indicators were among the best in the region, just following behind Japan. It was predicted to be one of Asias emerging superpowers. Appare ntly, it seems that the Philippines fell short of these expectations. The economy plummeted, especially under the authoritarian regime of the disreputcapable dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.This paper will take a look at the governmental and economic conditions of the Philippines under the lead of Ferdinand Marcos from 1965-1986. It will strive to find explanations as to why unlike the similarly strong, authoritarian, and strict governments of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, and Deng Xiaoping of mainland China which brought prosperity to their respective countries Ferdinand Marcoss government failed, and even brought the Philippine economy into its darkest times. Background Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was a subverter man, a respectable figure in Philippine politics.He was the son of a teacher and a politician, and since his early age, his potential as a great leader was seen. The most remarkable story antedate his political career was when he was accused of killing his fathers political r ival. He sure-firely petitioned the Philippine Supreme Court to release him on bail, thus allowing him to finish a Bachelors Degree in Law in the University of the Philippines. He publicationually passed the board exam in degenerate colors. But shortly subsequently this victory, the verdict has arrived, and he was guilty of murder, which sentenced him to ten years in prison.With his hell and wit, he prepared his throw appeal and had his case defended only by him. On his own, he was able to cleanse himself of the charges accused of him. He was freed, and news of the brilliance and intelligence of this young man was known and famed throughout the country (Steinberg, 2007). For 6 years, Marcos served in the Philippine Army during World War 2. After the war, Marcos had his political career started, eon working as an assistant to the former Philippine President Manuel Roxas. Shortly after, he was elected as a congressman in his hometown province of Ilocos.Before running in the st udy options, he made a wise move by marrying a very beautiful and bonny wife, a former beauty pageant queen by the name of Imelda Romualdez. During campaign period, they were like stars in a romance movie a couple of wit and beauty, and it proved to be effective in catching the hearts of the Filipino people. This unique appeal, of providing a mother-father appeal to the country was successful it eventually gave Marcos a seat in the Senate, and later on, the coveted Presidential Seat in 1965 (Steinberg, 2007).In the early years of the Marcos love team, the couple (Imelda, even though she was not an elected politician, was very dominant in all areas of Philippine politics) pushed for projects such as infrastructure and food production. Marcos did not fall short of the expectations of the people. He was successful in improving the countrys situation, especially its economy. In fact, GDP growth increased from 5. 1% in the 1960s to more than 60% in the 1970s. Levels of investment in creased, and export growth reached 8% in the 1970s from 2. 2% in the 1960s.The Philippines also became a leader in sift production during the putting green Revolution, with food production per capita growing to more than 20%, allowing the country to be self-sufficient in rice (Jayasuriya, 1986). These statistics partly came from the first presidential term of Marcos. In 1969, he won a second term, convey to the aforementioned achievements. Growth continued until the first few years of his second term. However, many fundamental problems in stages appeared in the beautiful scenario of the growing Philippine economy.In the South, insurgency among the Separatist Muslim groups was emerging thither were many demonstrations against the governments support for the US policies in the Vietnam War, as well as the heraldic bearing of their military bases in the country and the economy was weakening, painting a picture of dissatisfaction among the Filipino People (Steinberg, 2007). Marcos t ook returns of this unfavorable political and social climate of the country. chthonic the Constitution, a person can only check out on to the Presidential Seat for a maximum of two terms (Jayasuriya, 1986).Clearly, time was running out for Marcos, and so in 1972, with the excuse of stabilizing the country, he declared warriorlike Law and tightened his grip on to power and wealth through authoritarian rule. Another part of the statistics mentioned before is attributed to the early years of the Martial Law. Martial Law in fact, was lauded by international entities, including the World Bank, stating that recent developments offer an opportunity for a more serious attack on the very difficult social and economic problems presently confronting the Philippines (Boyce, 1993).Under Martial Law, however, there was no free press, key opposition figures were jailed, numerous human rights violations were committed, a curfew and many other restrictions were imposed among the population, and everything the dictator said was a decree. Indeed, power was solely under the hands of the Marcoses and their ally (Steinberg, 2007). However, despite this strict rule, the Philippine Economy was continuing to deteriorate. And by the early 80s, there was crisis and uncertainty in the countrys politics and economy.It was a combination of internal and external factors there was world street corner caused by the second oil shock in 1979, oil imports were becoming more expensive while export prices were falling, and there was a steep increase in the interest rates of foreign borrowings, where the Philippines was heavily dependent on (Bresnan, 1986). He eventually lifted Martial Law in 1981, but called for an election which he eventually won again. Even so, the problems faced by the country were still the same, and Marcos himself started suffering from complications.He acquired an illness by the name of lupus erythematosus, which made required him to undergo dialysis and have his kidn eys replaced. His credibility as a leader was further questioned as he appeared to be dying. It was indeed a hard time for the Philippines. every these events climaxed when Benigno Aquino, opposition leader and greatest rival and critic of the Marcos government, was assassinated on August 21, 1983. It was the ultimate event that would trigger and stimulate the urge of the people to let Marcos step down. For the years to come, a sentiment of execration against the Marcos regime grew.To appease the people, a snap election took place, and the candidates for presidency were Beningno Aquinos wife, Corazon Aquino, and Mr. Marcos himself. The election appeared to have no credibility, as both parties claimed that they won, and both of them had sworn as President at the same time in different locations. Most people however, doubted the victory of the dying dictator, they believe that Mr. Marcos has cheated his way on to power this time. The people were simply tired of the injustices under the Marcos regime, as well as his greed and tight grip to power.In February 22 1986, hundreds of thousands of people wearing yellow peacefully gathered on Metropolitan Manilas most important highway, EDSA (Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue). It was a prayerful demonstration urging Marcos to step down and leave the Palace. Eventually, after four days of tireless demonstrations, Marcos flees and flies to Hawaii for exile (Weir, accessed 2008). The rest was history. Corazon Aquino became the first female Filipino President, and EDSA Revolution inspired other nations, such as Germany during the Collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, to start their own peaceful revolutions.

Women and Numbers by Teri Perl Essay Example for Free

Women and come by Teri Perl EssayFor many years, society has presented women to be sweet and man to be tough. Many start out encouraged sexist depiction of the sexual category. In addition, this has led to typecasts asserting that girls or women ar in addition emotional and too soft for math and science c areers. This is a book that presents women biographies from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries who had an sake in the math subject and they pursued their interests. Different chapters in this book discuss different numerical actions. A very simple book for the upper-elementary and middle work grades that b peal to life the stories of mathematician women from the 19th and 20th centuries. individu on the wholey biography is followed by a discovery activity. Example, in one of Mary Booles numerous accomplishments she staggered into the creation of take out art the associated discovery activity shows how students can create their own string art designs. The goal of the editor in chief is commendable to hearten more girls into mathematics and to ignite interest for the field in all students.The write-ups are a pleasure to read. They each give a very individual and encircling picture of the hearty woman as mathematician, teacher, mother, wife, or partner. In each, it exemplifies the path they followed, not just career wise besides overly personally. The impediments of grammatical gender and racial prejudice that any(prenominal) of the women faced in following a numeral career are brilliantly portrayed. An example is Lenore Blum who was not accepted to MIT for her undergraduate degree because there were just now 20 dormitory beds available for women.Ideas from the book Each womans mathematical contributions are explained in a terminology that are easily understandable by a high school or college student implicated in what a mathematics career may be like. The three things that all these women had that they excelled in is research, teaching, and service. question They explored different teaching methods that would be easier to understand and make mathematical solving simpler. With this in mind they attracted the young-bearing(prenominal) gender to there classrooms who excelled in the mathematics fields.Teaching Most of the women mentioned in this book climbed to positions such as head of department chair and a good number were involved in developing policies for mathematics departments. Majority of them were supporters for women, blacks, minorities of any kind. Unambiguously, one is left with the certainty that women have done, can do, and will continue to do mathematics. Service Though most of the women were very successful they had a common thread running with the stories of these women, which was they doubted themselves.The service they provided as mathematicians was impeccable despite having to deal with family prints, social stigma, and several other factors that were against them as mathematician women. Themes employ Since mathematics is a hard subject to grasp, teaching using a thematic method is a great way to cover a range of topics associated to a particular make-up. In this book Women and total Lives of Women Mathematicians plus Discovery Activities by Teri Perl, mentions several themes used by the different women mathematicians. Abstract Algebra An example is Emmy who is rise known for being an abstract algebraist.Her focus was on differential and algebraic invariants the theory of mathematical rings and non-commutative algebra, linear transformations, and commutative number fields. The main goal of this area is to demonstrate that an invariant (terms that remain unvarying under a group of alteration) can be written as the sum of squares of other numbers. It also wants to show that any two invariants remain invariant. Model theory and differential fields In this theme of model theory and differential fields (logic and algebra), is a theory of calculation and convolution over t he genuinely numbers, has focuses on amalgamation of seemingly distinct areas.Sine Sonya Kovalevsky developed this theme one night as she was studying under the covers of her blanket, because the father did not approve her interest in algebra and geometry. To make logic of some of the derivations, she alternated a chord for the mysterious sine, and everything made sense for small angles. Controversies in math Arguments over the proficiency mathematics is taught and presented in textbooks will continue as long as schools and teachers have the aptitude to carry their own curricula and teaching attitude. Although there are many variables that enamour the success of a student, the main influence is the teacher.Depending on how well the teacher formulates the method to use on teaching mathematics will work out on how fast the students will grasp the information. In this book, the only controversy that is on the spotlight is the issue of gender and mathematics. Since the beginning of times, the female gender has been considered to be weaker than the male counterpart and it is not different in the mathematics world. Therefore, every theory that the female gender formulated had to be questioned twice and was criticized before it became published. goalThe result is a valuable book for and about women in mathematics at a aim appropriate for high school and early college students that celebrates the variety present in the community of women mathematicians. My opinion readiness be biased being that am a woman, but the book presented challenges that women go through when they are treated as minority when it comes to doing certain things. This book was an encouragement to the girls in their time when gender real mattered in the society and girls were considered inferior to the male gender.The high school girls who believed that math was not for the female gender could now relate to the five women and relate to them. In addition, this has been discussed in the book, how the number of girls doing mathematics increased and they all did well despite what society expected of them. The 9 women were a role model to the high school students especially the female gender. References Perl, T,. (1993). Women and Numbers Lives of Women Mathematicians plus Discovery Activities. San Carlos, CA Wide World Publishing/Tetra.

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Influence of Technology in Visual Art Essay Example for Free

Influence of Technology in Visual Art EssayHow does engineering influence visual art? And how does pictorial mattery influence the development of painting? This essay considers the impact of applied science on the visual art and how this technology accelerated the development of the art and how people respond, adapt and interconnected advance(a) technology into their own campaign. The impact of technology in visual arts has been in photography. Willian Melin state that, the dominant forces during the past century has been modern technology and has abnormal virtually every aspect of modern life social, political, economic and cultural (Melin p. 3).Photography has influenced many painters and has admitted its impact on their work. Their art was greatly affected by this new medium. The effect of this technology was not only to alter the world of painting and the situation of the painter but also to phthisis it as a new method or creature to develop their work. Some Artis ts uses photographs as the basis of their painting or as a reference or guidelines. One of the photographs first benefits to the painter was its possible use as a sketch. The photograph could capture exactly a face, a pose, a scene and even actions of different motion.The earliest work by photographers Eadward Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey influenced among many painters such as Edgar Degas, Giacomo Balla and Marcel Duchamp. When in the late 1870s, Muybridges snapshots of the animal locomotion, oddly the studies of horses different gaits, came to be known in France and the United States (de Duve p. 114). Eadweard Muybridge was known for his early use of multiple cameras to study motion. Muybridges photographic motion study shows by separating motion into a series of stills. apiece subject shows us series of motion as parts in the subject.These cameras capture the image, introducing a atomic number 53 moment from all possible movements of the subject in motion. Taken as a whole , he presents us with an idea of the motion when projected rapidly on a screen in proper term creating rapid consecutive intervals of number of images following one after the other, the motion becomes clear. With this demonstration at a meeting of the San Francisco Art Association on May 4, 1880, moving pictures were born (Newhall p. 336). Muybridges motion studies are considered to be a vital step in the development of photography to motion pictures as we know them today.

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Technological Applications within Human resource Essay Example for Free

Technological coatings inside Human picking EssayHuman resource department is lament adequate from the traditional manner of doing things that is remote and inefficient to a more modern way done cybernation that comes with vast benefits and surpasses the traditional methods. A computerized remains of rules elicit be termed as eHR which simply means the intention of predictable, web and voice innovations to enhance firms cumulationings, organization and process performance.It is in that locationfore prudent for the chief operating officer of the union to embrace such a modern body for efficiency in the firm in order to enhance the military personnel resource services, in order to reduce operational costs, to improve the race between the management and the entire staff, to meet customer demands and to offer quality services to its customers and the staff. Technological applications within HR department gift various benefits that intromit the following with comput erized systems the human resource department go off develop a viable education strategy that go out lead to increase in accessing the pertinent reading.An different benefit is that of achieving consistent and streamlined processes. This leads to a good and organized system that examines that the laid big bucks procedures are harmonized to be applicable to every(prenominal) and without confusion. The other benefits come up through the skill of the right breeding for those who call for it to make correct decisions thus avoiding risks and losses that come up from guesswork. besides with technological application the management has the opportunity to achieve and maintain a superior internal write for human resource that leads to achieving the goals and objective of the organization as stipulated by the mission and the vision of the company. (Hal and Dianna, cc5) However, such technological innovations have their own drawbacks and therefore needing the chief operating offic ers attention such problems include lack of reason of the system developed using advanced technologies.There is need for the organization to incur extra bills to manage the advancement and also train those working to be better and efficient in utilizing the novel technology. A nonher problem comes up due to inadequate coding of study that is arrived at when there is deplorable setting of the structures used to code. The middle level managers and supervisors may also bring a problem by holding and maintaining information that may help both the workers and the company at large. This comes when the managers do not have easy access to the system and a lot of manual that holds them .Lack of clarity of responsibilities for let downting information on how the system net be used can also cause a great harm thus needing responsibilities to be well specified to correct the problem Research has shown that there is need to come up with a good computerized system for efficiency in the HR department to discover that there is ease of managing the human resource. Such systems will include holding personal details or so the individuals workers that will include skills, qualification, career history, leave and absence records.Another system will include the fruit of reports which summarize diverse aspects of this information. It will also hold particulars about employees strains which include things like their dividing line grades, job description, role classification and pay and their benefits. It will also be of value to the company if the CEO ensures that there is information on recruitment and training administration. The computerized system in the company should also be able to provide information by recording and analyzing absence, labour turnover and attendance that helps management to make decisions on individual workers.It should be able to do job evaluation of the workers. For reward management and human resource planning, it will need a sophisticated syst em that will be in a grade to support strategic decision making. (James, 2002) Provision of linkages to the internet is also a part of computerized system which will ease the function of the management of the company and can be of help in instances where the companies do recruitments and other things through the internet. There will be pitfalls that will automatically come from computerization that will not be received well by the affected in general.This are for instance the need for all the personal details about individuals can be tricky to workers since the management can base it in making decisions about them that may be of negative impact. Those being retrenched for instance will be sorted according to the information on qualification academically rather than experience In the event where the accessibility of workers information is not well protected, it can find way to people who can use it against persons who are the bearers of the said information and it becomes very dan gerous to the workers.The personal details that must(prenominal) be handled with privacy include medical history and discipline, employees qualifications, absence, special skills and competence e. t. c must be kept very private. roughly top managers may take advantage and misuse the available information to mistreat those that are threatened and result to even others deciding to leave the organization mend others will be affected psychologically and lead to reduced labour turnover.Some workers inaccessibility and familiarity with technology will make them feel low-level and will not take into account their various responsibilities and needs thus affecting them in the way they perform their duties. (Hal and Dianna, 2005) Best plan for the CEO The CEO must adopt the modern computerized technology to be in a position to be efficient and more organized for the success of the company. The CEO must establish the current need and also the future needs of the business and also analyze everything that results from information system that will be designed.It will ask the company to ensure that the systems developed will be well customized to better serve the company and the whole population at large and it can be in a position to hold all the information of workers and avoid information overload so as to be integrated and also give maximum output for the benefit of the company. There is a need to come up with a good statement of all the requirements to make the computerization a success.Taking into consideration the business requirements, the CEO must identify the best options to tackle the problem while at the same time being strategic to realize the business goals set by the company. The CEO must support it by giving financial support after evaluation and analysis and because go ahead to buy the needed facilities. (James, 2002) The system should be in a position to get direct input at source to be able to get the data that is vital for the behind of decision m aking. It should solve the problems that were experienced there before and help the line managers by giving them information in an easy understandable manner.The system designed must not only help deal with the management information system but should also handle the administrative processes well. The CEO must ensure that they acquire the best technical infrastructure to support the program well. They will include the following Application Service Provider (ASP) It will help the administration to do its administrative role well through a proper. Smaller or medium sized organizations rely on ASP in outsourcing the saddle of running the system.ASP will help the company very much since the number of workers is around 200 HR/corporate intranet It is an electronic system that is networked therefore enabling all the available information to be communicated to departments and the centers that require the information within the organization. The available information that can be relayed co mprises HR policies, links that can be of help to the management to interface with other workers directly with HR applications and make changes or enquiries that can give assistance when required. B2E portalThe organization can utilize this system that can help the human resource department by providing it with a single intranet screen that can make the company to arrest information on the workers and give the workers and the people ready access to it. Human resource information system It is very important for the CEO to have a human resource information system that component managing the HR processes and include important data that include, payroll systems, reward and performance management, recruitment e. t. c (Hal and Dianna, 2005) expirationIt has been proved globally that modern organizations can only succeed when they are equipped with modern computerized system that can help the management of human resource for the growth and success of firms. The CEO has no choice but emb race the modern way that is easily manageable and less costly in the farseeing run. With a number that is between 180 to 200 workers keeping the file system to store information for the whole population can be quite hectic and also expensive since it will require a good number of workers to work in the human resource department to serve the company and the workers.Information required from files takes a very long time to be accessed dissimilar in the computerized system that is fast and efficient and can be made to perform multi-tasks and handle I perfectly unlike the use of workers who can only give attention to only one chore at a time. The company will now be in a position to assist give important information for better management and also handle issues related to their payments and also administer pay reviews, job evaluation e. t. c for the success of the company. (James, 2002)

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What Are the Reasons for Students to Cheat During Examinations Essay Example for Free

What Are the Reasons for Students to Cheat During Examinations EssayIn the 21st century, peoples atomic number 18 much concern about(predicate) the protection. Nowadays, no matter what you want to work, you need a certificate. You can imagine how important the certificate are. Because of a certificate, students fishing rig during examinations.Firstly, the main reason for students to cheat during examinations is they desire to have a good grades. closely of the students who cheat during the examinations ordinarily have a lot of stress from their family. Especially for those who have brother or sister with good grades in exam. Because of this, they will force themselves to derive a good grades in their exam. When they get stuck during exam, they will cheat. In similar, students cheat because of a good fame. When they see their classmates have a good grades in exam, they want this fame too, so they will cheat during examinations. Therefore, students will do anything to get a good grades, horizontal cheating during exam.Furthermore, the second reason that make students cheat during examinations is they desire to have a high-paying job afterward finish school. Nowadays, students are living in the world who always need good grades and certificate. This make students to hypothesise that a better grades will lead them to get a high-paying job. For those who are lazy, lack of study and precious to get a high-paying job, cheating will did by them during examinations. They dont even think about when they have been caught cheating during the examinations, this will destroy their future and their personal reputation.Lastly, lack of high self-esteem is withal a reason for students to cheat on their exam. Those students who have a high self-esteem will scent shame to cheat during their exam. They will think that they need to get a good grades due to their testify knowledge but not to cheat on their exam. Conversely, for those students who have a low self-est eem, they will exactly value on the final grades but not depend on their own knowledge. They will cheat whenever is possible. This will lead them to a dark future.In conclusion, the reasons that make students to cheat on their exam are desire to have a good grades, high-paying job and lack of high-esteem. Cheat on exam is a very bad and dishonest habit, so, students should avoid cheating during exam and students need to be more tireless in their studies, because work hard is the only way to lead you to success.

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Problem gambling Essay Example for Free

occupation play EssayShe took one last look out the window as they drove away, the tears blow down her face. At the age of four, her world had f aloneen apart. Karinas life started out as a perfect middle-class family, and soon turned into a broken mess. They had everything, a perfect house in a really nice part of the city, a nice car everything was wonderful. As Karina got older, she began to notice things werent perfect. Her dad was never there. He was always out gaming in one way or another. As time progressed we lost the car, and other possessions due to my dads sport bother.Its not only rough playing period and the bills. When volume find, they do other stupid things, he had an affair. My p bents decided to impart a divorce. My dad didnt argue, in fact he verbalise that for the safety of our family it would probably be better because a lot of deal were angry at him for what he owed them. It was all because of dramatic play and snowballed into a mess that coul d wee-wee been really dangerous for my mom and me had we stayed around. Im sad that my life contend out in that way at such a young age, and its very unfortunate.I know that if he wouldnt get down had gambling around none of those things would have taken vest and we would probably still be the family that we were, alone unfortunately thats not how it played out. Although many people call that legalizing gambling pass on have a majuscule effect on the economy, I think the prejudicial effects ar much more evident. Peoples views on subjects often have to do with their ethical motive. Ethics, as defined by Seiler and Beall, are an individuals system of moral principles. My ethics lead me to believe that gambling is wrong because I was raised to believe that my family is more important than economic wealth.As it is evident in the story above, gambling can have a major negative effect on someones life, and so it is too much of a risk to countenance this dangerous game. Three main authors that gambling should be unbroken outlaw(prenominal) are that gambling creates strain among the family members, gambling increases crime in the society, and the dependence to gambling is too great for many to all overcome. The first reason that gambling should be kept illegal is that gambling creates tenseness among the family members as the money that should be utilise for the family is being spent on gambling.Even though gambling might, in some cases, bring money into the state and local economies, there are align effects to having a cassino down the street. Forshey (1998) states, The gambling jobs, taxes, and recreational values provided by the industry cannot compensate for the social pain-in the form of bankruptcies, white-collar crime, divorce, a compromised semipolitical process, an increase in alcoholism-it inflicts. The drain of a working persons money that wagers his or her paycheck and loses is not compensated with the amount of jobs a casino bring s to a community.Gambling is a greedy industry that produces nothing more than empty hopes, empty dreams and empty wallets. Anderson states, Proponents argue that state lotteries are an effective way to raise taxes pain slightly. But the evidence shows that legalized gambling often hurts those who are unequal and disadvantaged. Without casino gambling, many local citizens would spend their money on groceries or clothes, instead of reducing their savings on gambling. As William Thompson states in his article Gambling A Controlling Substance, It gambling is a pleasure, like other entertainment, but in that regard, it is an expensive pleasure. Thompson then continues with this thought Politicians must recognize that the benefits of gambling are bounded by market structures. Gambling money does not grow on trees. It comes out of the pockets or real people, who other than would have spent it on something else. All of this evidence shoes that gambling should be kept illegal because it creates tension among the family members as the money that should be used for the family is being spent on gambling. A plunk for reason that gambling should be kept illegal is that gambling increases the amount of crime inwardly a society.Gambling often becomes associated with crime, a relationship that seems quite understand fitting. Not only does gambling continue to be illegal in some forms which makes it a crime to participate in, but likewise the second one-half of the issue occurs when gambling increases the amount of street crime in a surrounding area. Crime evaluate have been significantly higher in places that allow gambling. Kindt states, Atlantic City showed a jump in crime when gambling was legalized. The city went from 50th in the nation in per capita crime to first.Problem gamblers whitethorn also become more likely to have financial troubles and use illegal activities as a way to pay off their debts and keep up their unhealthy habit. This graphic shows a report t hrough by the U. S. Department of Justice studied people that were arrested in Las Vegas and Des Moines, Iowa. The results show many connections surrounded by gambling and crime. More than 30 percent of pathological gamblers who had been arrested in Las Vegas and Des Moines reported having committed a robbery within the past year, nearly double the percentage for low-risk gamblers.Nearly one-third admitted that they had committed the robbery to pay for gambling or to pay gambling debts. In addition, about 13 perfect said they had assaulted someone to get money. As is evident, gambling should be kept illegal because it increases the amount of crime within a society. We will now look at the last reason why gambling should be kept illegal. Finally, a third reason that gambling should be kept illegal is that the addiction to gambling is too great for many to overcome, resulting in psychological problems for the gambler. Some people argue that if a person wants to gamble badly enough they will do it.They say that one will be able to control his or herself and only gamble when its appropriate, but gambling is an addiction that some people cant escape. The addiction is a nationwide problem, and as much a part of gambling as the dice. As an article in the Omaha World Herald states, Problem gambling is the urge to gamble despite harmful negative consequence or the desire to live, and pathological gambling involves wagering to such repletion that it has a severe negative effect on the gamblers life. Getting hooked on gambling comes mainly from the action and thrill, an experience chemically the same as those with inhaled substances.They fall under the man of action. Action is an aroused, joyous state involving excitement, tension, and anticipation of the outcome of a gambling event. It is the thrill of living on the edge. Gambling has little to do with money and everything to do with the feelings of a gambler. William Thompson states, People will lie to themselve s, also in calculating the money because they dont want to tell themselves that they were foolish about gambling. Problem gamblers describe gambling as highs similar to that experienced from many drug substances. Some experience these sensations when only thinking about gambling.How is a person supposed to avoid gambling if he or she is incessantly being surrounded with opportunities to place bets and be involved in the action? As Frey suggests casinos increase the bit of problem gamblers, and make it that much more difficult to spare for those already addicted. In order to stop the number of pathological gamblers from increasing, the amount of gambling in the United States must decrease as a whole. Pathological gamblers were twice as likely to describe their general health as fair to poor over the past two years and were more likely to acknowledge mental or ablaze problems.Rates of alcohol and drug dependence, job loss, and bankruptcy were also significantly higher for pathol ogical gamblers relation back to non-gamblers. harmonize to Weinstock and Meyers, Almost 20 percent of the people diagnosed as pathological gamblers file for bankruptcy compared to the slight than 5 percent of those in the general population. Percentage of Population with Gambling Problems In order to stop the number of pathological gamblers from increasing, the amount of gambling in the United States must decrease as a whole.As is evident in this bar graph the amount of people with gambling disorders has greatly increased. According to Weinstock and Meyers, Recent studies have found that approximately 2 percent of Americans have had severe levels of disordered gambling at some point in their lifetime. Alarmingly, the rate in the Mid-South is even higher. Studies with Mississippi and Louisiana break dance that about 5 percent of the residents in Mississippi have a gambling problem, while in New Orleans, Louisiana 8 percent of the population reported significant problems because of their gambling. Gambling should be kept illegal because the addiction to gambling is too great for many, even adolescents to overcome. According to Welte, Barnes, Tidwell, and Hoffman, Over 2% of U. S. adolescents have experienced problem gambling (i. e. , sub-clinical pathological gambling) in the past year. Females have a . 1% problem gambling rate, and males a 4. 2% problem gambling rate within the past year. If we dont put a stop to this now the future of pathological gambling will continue. Regrettably, these pathological gamblers will most likely have to deal with many adverse life events because of their addiction.Many problem gamblers are under so much stress, they commit domestic violence or suicide. There are other, less dangerous ways to find entertainment. So many people suffer every day from their addiction to gambling. The United States should put a stop by banning the gambling industry, and therefore eliminating the harmful side effects of legalized gambling.All of this evidence shows that gambling should be kept illegal because the addiction to gambling is far too great for some people to overcome, resulting in psychological problems for the gambler. The negative effects of gambling out-weigh the positive.The tension created among family members, increased crime in society, and the addiction resulting in psychological problems are just too great of a risk for the people of our society to undergo. So the next time you walk into a casino, regard as Karinas story and how the gambling may affect your life, because even if youre willing to take the chance, betting odds are the negative effects of gambling will leave you unlucky in life.It is important for all of you to take note of the consequences and refrain from gambling. Staying away from the dangers of gambling, and setting an example to others is extremely important. No matter what eccentric of personality you have, you can be an influence to others and help stop the spread of gambling all over the nation. I want to challenge you that if you know someone that gambles or you yourself gamble share what you know about gambling and try to put a stop to the habitReferences * Anderson, K. Gambling. Gambling Probe Ministries.Retrieved October 31, 2001 from http//www. probe. org/site/c. fdKEIMNsEoG/b. 4219137/k. C8BD/Gambling. htm * Brandt, K. (Personal communication, October 21, 2011) * Forshey, G. E. (1998). only(a) crusade Fighting the Gambling Industry. The Christian Century. Retrieved October 31, 2011 from http//vnweb. hwwilsonweb. com/hww/results/getResults. jhtml? _DARGS=/hww/results/results_common. jhtml. 35 * Kindt, J. (1994). The Economic Impacts of Legalized Gambling Activities. Drake Law Review, 40 (1), 50-87.Retrieved October 26, 2011 from https//www.ideals. illinois. edu/ cargo deck/2142/16297 * Meyers, A. Whelan, J. Weinstock. (June 1998). Gambling When it is not a Game Anymore. Business Perspectives, 16-22. Retrieved October 27, 2011 from http//www. allbu siness. com/specialty-businesses/291076-1. html * Problem Gambling Be aware(predicate) of warning signs. Omaha World Herald. (March, 19, 2010). Retrieved October 23, 2011 from Library. * Seiler, W. J. and Beall, M. L. (2009). Communication and Ethical Behavior. In Communication Making Connections (8th Ed) (pp. 8-9). Boston, MA Pearson Education, Inc. Allyn.

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Physico-Chemical Structure or Bonding Essay Example for Free

Physico-Chemical Structure or attach Essay speckic number 1 bond is one of the most essential concepts in supramolecular chemistry or molecular sociology. It has significant ramifications on molecular biology and materials science. The term and concept enthalpy bond has only emerged after 1930 however the world(a) notion of weak but specific interaction that involves hydrides is much older (Webmaster 2005). enthalpy bond refers to the cute force in the midst of the hydrogen that has attached to an electronegative atom of a molecule and an electronegative atom of an unlike molecule.It is a special case of dipole forces wherein the electronegative atom is usually an oxygen, north or fluorineelements that have a partial negative even out, except for hydrogen which possesses a partial imperative side (Ophardt c. 2003). Hydrogen bonding happens when two electronegative atoms, for instance nitrogen and oxygen, interact with the same hydrogen. Normally, the hydrogen is coval ently attached to an atom which is referred as the donor. But it interacts electrostatically with the opposite, known as acceptor. The interaction is primarily because of the dipole amid the electronegative atoms and proton (Day 1996).It is the strongest molecular force and passes on some strange properties to a myriad of substances namely water, proteins and nucleotides (Structure and Bonding The Hydrogen Bond n. d. ). Hydrogen bond is one of the most important components of biological life. If at that place is no hydrogen bond, there will be no life because it holds the double spiral of deoxyribonucleic acid (desoxyribonucleic acid) unitedly (Emsley 2000). Hydrogen forms and structures covalent bonds with other molecules to produce and make molecules that be stable than the free atoms. The electron of the hydrogen is shared between the hydrogen and the atom to which it is bonded.The other electron from the bonded atom is also shared between the two (The Structure of deoxyrib onucleic acid n. d. ). It is done through charge attractions. If hydrogen is bonded to oxygen or nitrogen, it evolves to be slightly positive charged. That fact allows the hydrogen bond to attract a center of negative charge on another moleculeit can be another oxygen or another nitrogen atom. Thus the hydrogen bond is written such as O-H=N (= signifies hydrogen bond). There are O-H=O or N-H=O and N-H=Nit is the weakest bond (Emsley 2000). That is the effect of hydrogen bonds on DNA.On the other hand, there is a study that has been conducted by Eric Kool, a professor of Chemistry from the University of Rochester, wherein a finding has been implied that hydrogen bonds are not the key to DNA pairing after all (Bradt 1997). The study suggests that it is more accomplishable that the distinguishing and distinct shapes and sizes of each of the four DNA bases strengthen and suggest the 99. 9 percent accuracy of DNA replication. It has been illustrated like a space in a jigsaw circumvent wherein that space in the puzzle can only be filled by a piece that matches the shape of the space.That analogy delegacy that there is only one base capable of squeezing into a DNA strand on its opposite given partner (Bradt 1997). According to Myron Goodman, a biologist and DNA expert from the University of Southern California, the apparently inescapable conclusion is that hydrogen bonds (H-bonds) are not absolutely required, this means that the results give a caprice and impetus to consider the role that the H-bonds play in stabilizing the DNA and enhancing the fidelity of DNA polymerase (Bradt 1997). Furthermore, there are still a number of factors that are responsible for the stability of the DNA double helix structure.Hydrogen bond is just among them. Although the hydrogen bond is weak, the millions of H-bonds showcase an extremely strong force that enables and keeps the DNA strand together (Rafael B. 2009). List of References Bradt, S. (1997) Study Hydrogen Bonds Arent Key to DNA Pairing afterwards All. Bio-Medicine online available from http//news. bio-medicine. org/biology-news-2/Study-3A-Hydrogen-Bonds-Arent-Key-To-DNA-Pairing-After-All-15262-1/ 13 February 2009 Day, A. (1996). Hydrogen Bonds. Birkbeck University of London online available from http//www. cryst. bbk. ac.uk/PPS2/projects/day/TDayDiss/HBonds. hypertext markup language 13 February 2009 Emsley, J. (2000). A New Way to examine the Hydrogen Bonds of DNA. Science Watch online available from http//archive. sciencewatch. com/sept-oct2000/sw_sept-oct2000_page7. htm 13 February 2009 Ophardt, C. (c. 2003). Intermolecular Forces Hydrogen Bond. El nhurst College Virtual Chembook online available from http//www. elmhurst. edu/chm/vchembook/161Ahydrogenbond. html 13 February 2009 Rafael B. (2009) DNA Structure Hydrogen Bonds. Bright Hub online available from http//www.brighthub. com/science/genetics/articles/23384. aspx 13 February 2009 Structure and Bonding The Hydrogen Bond. n. d. Prince Georges Community College online available from http//academic. pgcc. edu/ssinex/struc_bond/hydrogen_bond. htm 13 February 2009 The Structure of DNA. n. d. Cambridge University online available from http//www-outreach. phy. cam. ac. uk/camphy/dna/dna11_1. htm 13 February 2009 Webmaster. (2005). The Hydrogen Bond. Gottingen University online available from http//www. hbond. de/ 13 February 2009

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Declining Fish Stock Essay Example for Free

Declining Fish Stock leavenThe Problem Seeing the exposure on Declining Fish Stock VLR, expose the challenges between slantermen and environmental concerns. This video shows how tilting fleets birth depleted the navals of almost 90% of its big look for thitherfore, claiming the ocean is non as resilient as it once was. The majority of the largest fish have already been pulled from the oceans, leaving only 10% of its remaining fish for Commercial fishermen to make a living. Most fishing fleets today are deuce to three times larger than they need to be to catch large fish and other seafood. Because of commercial-grade fishing many fish are not able to reproduce fast becoming to verify their species. A manageable and sustainable plan pull up stakes need to be implemented to avert these fish from completely disappearing from the oceans. The plan will need to be a partnership between fishermen, communities, governments, and environmentalists. Overfishing has easily exhaus ted certain species in the ocean and they are now extinct. To think we brook continue to hightail it fish, with no major regulations or limits to feed billions of people is extreme.Since biodiversity do continue to decline, the aquatic surroundings will not be able to maintain our homophile consumption for seafood. This situation can still be reversible by working together with some basic ground rules. Because of the current conditions and the magnitude of the problem, replenishing the ocean may take a decade or perhaps even centuries to restore. In spite of everything there is a way we can have a healthy and productive oceans again. However, we do need to make believe now onward the big fish are too far depleted to make a comeback.Action Plan for environmentalists Forristall (2008) a study authored by scientists from the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Hawaii and published in the journal Science last month shows catch share management systems ca n reverse declining fish stocks. Catch share management systems allow fishermen to own quotas of the total allowable catch so they have a direct financial stake in the fishery. The shares can be sold and bought between fishermen, and as the fishery recovers, shares grow in value.Order of Action As a community it is imperative to expect informed. Knowledge is powerful and through education we learn that overfishing cannot continue. Fish account for approximately one fifth of all animal protein in the human diet, and around one billion people rely on fish as their primary protein source(2005). A global problem is a community problem, and it is primal for people to realize as they consume these species and they are being depleted.There are several things that can be done to alert the public Study journals, such as the Good Fish guides for more(prenominal) information spread the word by speaking to friends and explain why eating certain fish is not a good idea discuss the overfishi ng problem and suggest a quota for fishermen do not hesitate to let elected officials know that there is a concern and be motivated enough to write a letter to the editor of local newspapers in order to get a massive audience of concerned people. An illustration of another way to carry on the supply of fish for human enjoyment is Aquaculture or fish farms.These farms help in producing offsprings for the depleted fish before they become extinct. Since the farming of ocean, fresh pissing plants, and animals for human consumption produces wastes that pollutes marine life and harm the ocean water the farms would to best away from the coastline. Aquaculture or fish farms permit the request for certain fish to be visible(prenominal) while allowing the identical fish to replenish in the ocean. It would be good if we could change our thought configuration on fishing and compare fish farming with reduced sea fishing quotas and secluded aquatic life areas because most of our oceans are not protected.The reality is, through aquaculture we could replenish the oceans. Action Steps call and research the results of overfishing. Check journals and different Web sites. Document all information on Aquaculture. In the following(a) 1-3 months develop a presentation of why overfishing is so important and the program that will be required to be in place. Within four months there will be a schedule for an manner with one of the leaders in the community. Community awareness is essential to convince government why a program would be needed to replenish the fish.Overfishing is a subject that is documented by commercial fisherman, scientists, environmentalists, and governments. oecumenic we all want to sustain fish species at maintainable levels. Being able to come to an organization with a manageable and sustainable plan is imperative to avoid further destruction to the ocean or its living creatures. This plan presents solutions that benefit the declining fish stock, commercia l fisherman, the community, and environmentalist, and will not be a monumental blow to the fishermens income, or government resource.

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Complexometric Determination Essay Example for Free

Complexometric Determination EssayIntroductionUsing a Lewis motif neutral molecule to donate electron pairs (ligands) to a Lewis acid metallic element ion center to determine a single cluster (complex) ion. When the complex ions forms with a metal ion (chelation) the ligand utilise is called the (chelating actor). EDTA acts as a great chelating agent due to the Nitrogen and atomic number 8 donating an electron pair to the metal ion center to form an octahedral complex. The metal ions especially with a +2 charge or higher are the reason for irrigate roughness to form on various objects known as scum. Calcium ions are typically the most vernacular contributing factor for urine supply hardness so this prove uses CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) to analyze the hardness of an unknown try out.A scale of water hardness identifies soft water with a value less than 60 ppm (parts per million) and hard water with a value more than 200 ppm. 3 mL of ammonia/ ammonium ion chloride dam p (pH 10) is added to the mixture previous to the titration to capture the calcium metal ions so the indicator can work properly. The experiment adds 4 drops of Eriochrome Black T as the indicator to visually see the discolour diverge as complexes are formed and the solution undergoes chelation of metal impurities.The rubric change from indicator starts as pink and changes to a violet therefore light blue color to signify the chemical phase changes throughout the reaction until the endpoint. 3 titrations are experimentally conducted to calculate the mean average of the Na2 EDTA for experimental accuracy. The EDTA mean average is then used to calculate the water hardness of an unknown water sample (97) victimisation 3 more titrations to calculate a mean average of the unknown water sample. An absolute deviation is calculated for to each one titration experiment to calculate the experimental estimated preciseness. The final experimental result is then compared to the city of Te mpe standard for water hardness and acceptable standards.Principle(Spurlock, 2014)(Spurlock, 2014)A complex ion is an ion containing a central metal cation bonded to one or more molecules or ions (Chang, 2013). Just like complex ions, a ligand is a molecule or ion that is bonded to the metal ion in a complex ion (Chang, 2013). A chelating agent is a substance that forms complex ions with metal ions in a solution (Chang, 2013). The process of the chelating agent forming is called chelation. E.D.T.A. (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a common chelating agent that will be used in this experiment to chelate the metal ions. Tetraamminecopper (II) Cu(NH3)42+ will be the complex ion in this lab experiment. In chapter 11.1-3 the Kinetic Molecular Theory is being tested in this experiment (Chang, 2013). Solids are slowr than liquids and allow in truth little empty space to exist between molecules limiting the freedom of motion. The liquids are less dense than solids, held closely togethe r with little space between molecules (less than solids), however, the molecules in liquid do not abound away from the attractive forces allowing them to move past each other freely.Gases are the least dense and piddle the largest amount of distance between molecules allowing them to move around more freely. According to the theory, the experimental Carbon, hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen ions are able to quickly attract and find the metal ion in the liquid by donating their electron pair to the metal ion center creating the complex. These complex ions in the experiment use intermolecular and intramolecular forces to break through and hold chemical bonds thru the experimental process of chelation to identify the hardness of the unknown sample. After the reaction is complete, when vaporization and or vaporization of the liquid and gas in the molecules is separated the remaining metal impurities known as scum are left.In chapter 4.1 hydration is used to orient the negative poles of the diatomic gases to the positive pole of the Hydrogen and metal impurities in the solution creation the complex cluster. Chapter 4 is also used for titration of redox reactions using a standard solution (Na2 EDTA) to add into another(prenominal) solution of unknown concentration (unknown sample + ammonia/ammoniumchloride weaken + Eriochrome Black T) until the equivalence point is reached (has fully reacted) as visually identified by the indicators (Eriochrome Black T) from the color change of pink to violet to blue.Procedure1. Prepare more or less 500mL of approximately 0.004M disodium EDTA solution. To gussy up your solution, weigh out 0.7-0.8g of Na2EDTA and dissolve in about 500mL deionized water in your plastic bottleful. Seal the bottle and shake vigorously for a few minutes to dissolve the salt. 2. Standardize the Na2EDTA solution using a stock calcium ion solution as the primary standard a. Use a 10-mL transfer pipet to add 10.00 mL of standardised calcium ion stock so lution (1.000g CaCO3/L solution) to a 250-mL Erlenmeyer flask. b. join on about 30 ml of deionized water to this titration flask. c. Add a magnetised stir-bar, place on a magnetic stirrer and begin stirring. A piece of white paper under the flask gives good assembly line for easier detection of the indicator color change. d. within the fume hood, add about 3mL of ammonia/ammonium chloride pilot light (pH 10).The buffer is an inhalation irritant. Stir for 30 seconds. e. Just prior to titrating the flask, add four drops of Eriochrome Black T indicator solution. Continue stirring for another 30 seconds and then titrate this solution with your disodium EDTA solution inwardly 15 minutes. f. Slow down your titration near the endpoint, as the color change takes 3-5 seconds to develop. At the end point, the color changes from pink to violet to blue. If you feel unsure whether youve reached your endpoint, read and record the volume delivered and then add another drop of titrant to chec k for a complete color change. g. Repeat this titration two more times. engineer the one thousand of your disodium EDTA from each titration. Average your molarities from the three trials and calculate your precision. 3. Choose one prepared unknown water sample as provided. Record the unknown code in your notebook, then titrate this water sample with your standardized disodium EDTA solution a. Transfer 25.00mL of the prepared water sample to a 250-mL Erlenmeyer flask. b. Add about 20ml of DI water to the titration flask.c. Add a magnetic stir-bar. Place the flask on a magnetic stirrer and begin stirring. d. Inside the fume hood, add about 3mL of ammonia/ammonium chloride buffer (pH 10). Stir for 30 seconds. e. Just prior to titrating,add four drops of Eriochrome Black T Indicator solution to your flask. Continue stirring for another 30 seconds and then titrate this solution with your standardized disodium EDTA solution within 15 minutes. f. Repeat this titration twice more. Calculat e the hardness (mg CaCO3/L) of the prepared water sample from each of your titrations. Calculate your average hardness and your experimental precision from the three trials. 4. Compare your results to the expected range for municipal water hardness. Check your citys water quality lab website (e.g. http//www.tempe.gov/waterquality/typical_values.htm) (Complexometric Determination of Water Hardness Lab, n.d.).ObservationsUpon adding the preparing the Na2EDTA solution the Na2EDTA solid was quickly dissolved into the DI water to create a clear solution. Later on in the procedure stage of adding the ammonia/ammonium chloride buffer into the 250 mL flask, a visual chemical reaction was observed as the ammonia buffer was mixing into the flask with CaCO3 and the unknown solution in both procedures. Upon adding the Eriochrome Black T indicator the color was visually changed from clear to light pink in both procedures. During titration of both procedures the visual color change was observed f rom light guileless pink to see-through violet when the process was close to ending, then from see-through violet to see-through light blue signaling then end of the reaction process.