Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Project Management Methodology Improvement Plan Helps

Question: Discuss about the case study Project Management Methodology for Improvement Plan Helps. Answer: Reflection The outcome of this course in week 10 is associated with the project management methodologies which explains the practices of continuous improvement plan helps to achieve the objectives effectively. The outcome of this course facilitated me to gain the depth understanding of the role of change management in order to define requirements of the work and also enables me to make continuous improvement in the project. Cheshire cat quotes that if you dont know where you are going, any road will get you there. This quotes gain my knowledge that firstly we have to need to develop understanding about the reason behind the improvement in the project after that needs to understand the position of the project and then need to understand the continuous performance that has carried out within the project. These things have considered by me in the professional life as it enables me to accomplish the goal successfully. Besides this, the course of week 10 also offers me an effective learning as I taken the practical experience to develop the project management maturity model on the real life practices. It also supported me to learn about how to develop the optimized process in the project. Apart from this, I have also gained experience about the different level of project management maturity model in order to accomplish the project on time. In this way, I have gained knowledge that first level is related to awareness of the process, the second level identifies the repeatable process, the third level defined the process, the fourth level manage the process, and the fifth level optimized the process. These different levels are beneficial to me to develop great understanding in terms of recognizing the responsibilities of a senior manager from an initial level to the last level of the project management maturity model. Further, I was enabled to optimize a different process that is essential due to changes in business need. This course also develops my understanding about the different thinks that is to be considered in the continuous improvement plan. These things are the current state of the project, strategies to bridge the gap, monitoring and capturing the process of the project. I have considered these things in the project in order to get the continuous improvement in the project. This course outcome also facilitated me a great knowledge about the lean six sigma roadmap. This roadmap defines the five steps that are effective to improve the quality of the project. These steps involved define the quality, measure the quality, analyze it, improve it, and then control the quality. It is effective to me in order to quality improvement in the project. Further, I have gained experiences about the ways that help to determine the current state and future state of the project and also helped me to develop the structure associated with the planned improvement actions. At the same time, from this course, I have developed the knowledge about the effectiveness of project management methodology in order to continuous improvement in the project. Due to this, I enabled to execute the effective methodology to get success. It will also facilitate for me to enhance growth related to my professional career in terms of building the project with respect to the benefit of the company. Weekly Portfolio Learning Table Date Issues Identified Related policies/ procedures Planned Action Planned completion date 6.10.2016 Article about project management methodology indicated that continuous improvement assessment tool does not incorporate the ease and comprehensible steps. It creates difficulty to me in order to execute the continuous improvement plan in the project. Project management methodologies such as continuous improvement plan, lean six sigma roadmap, and different ways to determine the current state and future state of the project. There should be a continuous improvement to bridge the gap. 7 October 2016 (Completed) Supporting Documentation including your Prior Learning Kerzner, Chapter 20.0-20.8, and 21.0-21.4 PMI Managing Change Chapter 6

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